New Ad - For All Your Needs, We got Everything, Just Everything !, the leading price comparison portal, inches close to bag USD 1 M in bootstrap funding!

New Delhi, 11 June 2016 which is a leading price comparison portal of India is near to finalize 1M USD dollar of funding from a private equity investor. News confirmed by founder Kamal Singh, who started this portal last year along with his partner Kirti Parashar, said that we were working for raising funds in last 3-4 months. This is now that we have something to share with media and public about the funding round.

Company confirmed that this is private equity investment and details of investors will be made public after all documentation is closed.

Kamal Singh also said that company will be spending this funds into building on more features to product, mobile apps & primarily to marketing efforts. The website is functional for last one year and getting 1000+ customers every day.

When asked what makes MatraMatri.comfrom rest, he said like other who only focusing on Gadgets & Mobile, we want to focus on all categories, specially fashion, jewellary, mobile, clothing etc. We are working on features which on one having is right now and can take us to leader position as compare to any other players in the market. Our features will help customers in buying what is best and at cost effective price. When asked about features, Kamal Singh laughed, said “let us wait for right time”.

MatraMatri has 20+ marketplaces listed right now, where real time prices are fetched from marketplaces and help customer to decide their buy. When asked about same, Kamal Singh said that company is working on adding more and more marketplaces to portal. We are very critical of choosing what we show on our portal. We want to choose portals partner who are niches into categories, so our customers get what others are not offering. Secondly, we are also critical about the services offered to customer.

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