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what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a way to promote your products or website by using other website a medium. For each order or conversion you pay a affiliation fee to website where your product or website is listed on. Most of major ecommerce platforms like,,,,, they all have affiation programs to promote their website and get more conversion for their websites.

Why to Join is fastest growing platform for afflication marketing in India. In just six months of its launch it got more than 1000 transactions a day. It is one best platform to promote your website or offshore store, by getting more foot-fall. helps you by showing product to customers based on their searches and if your product perform better in term of price and quality, you may get a conversion.

Criteria to get list on

  • Speed of your online webstore is of utmost importance to us. If your website is taking more than 3 second to render any of pages, we suggest you to please work on speed of your website.

  • On your website, a right way of tracking the transactions/traffic. Most of ecommerce platform comes with affiliation tracking these days, so please check if your website allow to track affliation or not.

  • Quality of service to customers is very important. If you getting orders, but you are not serving them well, we may not consider you.

  • Availablity of API can help in listing you faster on our website.

If you meet above mentioned criteria and want to join, please contact us